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November 6, 2019  For Immediate Release

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USCCE Response to the National Youth Sport Strategy

In September 2019, the United States Department of Health and Human Services released The National Youth Sports Strategy (NYSS) in response to Executive Order 13824 issued by the White House calling for increased youth sport participation The NYSS represents an important step forward in acknowledging not only the immense value in quality youth sport and physical activity programming, but also the collective effort that it will take to develop programming that is in alignment with the best evidence-based practices and is healthy, developmentally appropriate, impactful, and inclusive. The United States Center for Coaching Excellence (USCCE) is committed to supporting the NYSS call to action, and to supporting the efforts of all organizations working collaboratively to reduce barriers and provide opportunities for youth in and through sport participation. 


The core mission of the USCCE closely aligns with the fourth key pillar of the NYSS, to “establish a national and local strategy to recruit volunteers who will encourage and support youth participation in sports and regular physical activity, through coaching, mentoring, teaching, or administering athletic and nutritional programs”.  Recognizing that quality youth sport experiences that encourage participation and positive developmental outcomes are more likely to occur with an educated coaching staff, the USCCE is dedicated to supporting quality coaching systems and coach education programming.  Our goal is to help these systems and programs provide coaches with the foundational knowledge, preparation, teaching skills and on-going support necessary to provide athlete age and stage appropriate learning experiences, incorporate strategies that promote physical, tactical/technical, psychological, and social development, and create an inclusive, respectful, and enjoyable sport environments that align with evidence-based great practices.   Additionally, through its coaching education program accreditation, the USCCE utilizes SHAPE America’s National Standards for Sport Coaches to recognize leading sport organizations and academic programs that are aligned with top professional and industry standards. The USCCE looks forward to continuing to support and work with the NYSS, and to collaborate with organizations committed to enriching the youth sport and physical activity experiences of all our children by enhancing their coach education offerings.

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