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Support Minimal Standards in Youth Sport Coaching

As an organization committed to positive athlete development through quality coaching we recognize the following:

1. When sport programs are effectively structured to support athlete development, they can help athletes

  1. increase their physical activity and reduce obesity rates,

  2. improve their physical health,

  3. support positive mental health,

  4. develop physical literacy,

  5. improve their physical conditioning and technical and tactical development within the sport, and

  6. acquire life skills (e.g., interpersonal skills, goal setting, work ethic).


2. Part of effectively structuring sport for physical, psychological, and social development are coaches who possess specialized knowledge and behaviors (i.e., professional, interpersonal, and intrapersonal knowledge) and a corresponding skill set which is outlined in the International Sport Coaching Framework, the USA Quality Coaching Framework, and the National Standards for Sport Coaches.

3. Creating safe, diverse, equitable, and inclusive sport environments requires sport coaches who are educated and trained with the knowledge and skills necessary for ethical decision-making that underpins good sportsmanship and gamemanship with the support of their organizations.


4. Sport organizations play a critical role in setting up systems to support and educate the sport coach. This is further supported by the National Youth Sport Strategy which calls for “a national and local strategy to recruit volunteers who will encourage and support youth participation in sports and regular physical activity, through coaching, mentoring, teaching, or administering athletic and nutritional programs.”


The USCCE supports all youth sport coaches receiving foundational learning experiences prior to entering the coaching context.  These learning experiences will align with industry-supported standards to assist youth sport coaches in creating quality youth sport experiences that will support athlete development.


Join the USCCE in indicating your support that youth sport coaches receive foundational learning experiences (minimal standards) prior to coaching youth athletes.

Released February 7, 2020

Download the press release here

Press Release Youth Sport
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