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'For Immediate Release' Archive

USCCE & iCoachKids Partnership

January 21, 2019 For Immediate Release 

The USCCE is excited to announce a partnership with iCoachKids to support the quality efforts of both organizations.  iCoachKids provides a wide array of top level research based free reports, coaching resources, and  training for youth sport coaches.  

USCCE & ICCE Partnership

December 31, 2018 For Immediate Release 

The United States Center for Coaching Excellence and the International Council for Coaching Excellence are excited to announce their partnership to bring the ICCE’s Coach Developer program workshops to the United States.  These workshops are designed to support the work of professionals who provide coaching education and coach development to sport coaches across all sport contexts.  Based on the ICCE’s International Coach Developer Framework, the workshops recognize the importance of well-prepared professionals who are responsible for initial and on-going education of volunteer and professional coaches at all levels of sport through classroom, online and on the field learning.  In 2019 the USCCE Coach Developer Academy will provide two ICCE workshops, ‘Teaching & Learning Facilitation Skills’ and ‘Supporting Coaches in Practice’. These intensive 3 day workshops are small group interactive programs that focus on exploring, developing and honing teaching and leadership skills for the professionals who create and deliver coaching education programs.

USCCE & NAKHE Partnership

March 30, 2018 For Immediate Release 

The USCCE and NAHKE, the National Association for Kinesiology in Higher Education, are excited to announce a partnership in support of quality coaching education programming within academic departments. 

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