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Coach Developer Network Chats

Coach Developer Network Chats
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Ryan Graff First Tee March 2018

Ryan Graff First Tee March 2018

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Wayne Goldsmith February 2018

Wayne Goldsmith February 2018

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Jean Cote Transformational Coaching January 2018

Jean Cote Transformational Coaching January 2018

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All CDN calls are archived and free to download

Audio of past calls is available at Apple Podcast  and at Google Play.


Archived CDN Chats  click on the links below for more information about each speaker. 

Episode 22 An overview of the upcoming North American Coach Development Summit - June 17-19, 2019 in Colorado Springs, CO (see Summit page for details)

Episode 21 Dr. Jennifer Royer, from USADA True Sport talks about their mission and offerings


Episode 20 Dr. Diane Culver, University of Ottawa, discusses Communities of Practice in coaching education


Episode 19 Daniel Pink, author of the best seller Drive, talks about this latest book When


Episode 18 Dr. Joe Eisenmann talks about long term athlete development and community engagement


Episode 17 Dr. Kristi Erdal talks about her recently released book The Adultification of Youth Sports


Episode 16 Dr. Sergio Lara Bercial from iCoachKids discusses ther work to education youth sport coaches in the UK and beyond using evidence based best practices


Episode 15 An update from the United States Center for Coaching Excellence - Dr. Kristen Dieffenbach provides an update on the USCCE initiatives and the 2019 North American Coach Development Summit


Episode 14 National Coaching Standards - Dr. Lori Gano-Overway of Bridgewater College and USCCE Education chair discusses the revision of Shape America's National Standards for Sport Coaches and the USCCE program accreditation process


Episode 13 Trickle Down Professionalism - Dr. Travis Dorsch,  Utah State University and the Families in Sport Lab. Dr. Dorsch discusses youth sports and parent involvement.


Episode 12 The Gift of Failure - Jessica Lahey, the author of The Gift of Failure, discusses how letting your child fail and figure things out on his/her own leads to more resiliency and more autonomous kids and adults. Lots of references to the growth mindset as well.


Episode 11 Culture Code - Daniel Coyle discusses his book The Culture Code and how to build culture.


Episode 10 US Lacrosse ADM and Parent Engagement -  TJ Buchanan from US Lacrosse discusses the US Lacrosse American Development Model (ADM) and how US Lacrosse implements it along with US Lacrosse's parent engagement efforts. (There are videos with this call so the YouTube option might be the better choice).


Episode 9  Norwegian Sports Culture -  Dr. Stephen Seiler, an American ex-pat living in Norway, discusses Norway's youth sports culture and sports culture in general  in light of the success of Norway's Winter Olympic team in 2018 in South Korea.


Episode 8 Practice to Perform Better or to Practice Better - John Kessel from USA Volleyball discusses better practice methods. Basically are you practicing to practice better or to perform better in game situations?


Episode 7 Coaching Parasports - Cathy Sellers, the former high performance director for USA Paralympics Track and Field, discusses working with parasport athletes.


Episode 6 First Tee Golf - ​Ryan Graff of First Tee chats about how the First Tee program introduces kids to the sport and the their coaching education approach


Episode 5 We Are Doing Coaching Education Wrong - ​Wayne Goldsmith a world leading coaching educator in Australia with over 30 years experience shares his thoughts on periodization and coaching priorities


Episode 4 Transformational Coaching - Dr. Jean Côté 


Episode 3 Implementing the American Development Model - Kevin McLaughlin, Senior Director for Hockey Development at USA Hockey discusses the implementation of USA Hockey's American Development Model


Episode 2 The US Center for Coach Excellence & the 2018 North American Coach Development Summit - Dr. Kristen Dieffenbach, USCCE president


Episode 1 The Adult Learner - Chris Packert, US Ski & Snowboard Coaching Education Curriculum Specialist discussing coaching education curriculum design for the adult learner

Special Episode Coach Developers Network Chat Online Academic Masters Program Challenges in Coaching Education: A discussion  - Listen to this recorded conversation with  Drs. Andy Driska (MSU), Brian Gearity (DU) and Ron Quinn (Xavier University), together with moderator Sam Callen (USA Fencing) as they explored:  What does a coach with a masters degree need to know, and how is this information conveyed to students who are learning online?  The growth of online programs to serve graduate students in the field of sport coaching and leadership offers a new way to reach working professionals.  But what does coach development look like for students in these programs?


All recordings are property of the USCCE and may not be used for commercial purposes or copied without the written permission of the USCCE. 

The views and opinions expressed in CDN Chats are those of the individuals speaking and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the USCCE and do not reflect enforcement by the USCCE.


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