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Essential Topics!

  • Coaching education in America: Learning from the past

  • An overview of the National Youth Sport Strategy and the role of coaches

  • Professionalizing coaching: Strength & Conditioning

  • Examining coaching & coach education in the US: The USOPC's contribution

  • Diversification in coaching: Enriching and enhancing sport for all

  • We need a taxonomy of coach development programs in the United States

  • Educating coaches: The role of higher education institutions

  • Predictability and innovation: Sport coaching training & innovation as a public health initiative

  • The role of the coach developers in supporting quality coaching

  • Examining coaching and coach education in the US: AMSSM perspective

  • Sport education overview at US Ski & Snowboard

Featured Speakers


Dr. Paul Roetert

Director of Education and Strategic Engagement, NCAA

Nadine Dubina

Manager of Coach Development,

United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee


Rick Howard

National Strength and Conditioning Association


Chris Packert

Coach Development Manager,

US Ski and Snowboard


Dr. Lori Gano-Overway

James Madison University


Dr. Karen Collins

University of New Hampshire


Dr. Melissa Thompson

University of Southern Mississippi

Dr. Roch King

United States Sports Academy

Livestearm Details

Watching the Event


The event was streamed live through the WVU CPASS YouTube Channel.  The unedited version is still available  at  An edited time stamped version will be available at soon.  An audio transcript is also being created. Event power points are available below.

Resources noted duing the event can be found on the USCCE resource page.

Miss this event? Wish you had been part of the conversation? Have something to add?  Join us for the follow up event during the North American Coach Development Summit June 1-3, 2020 in Birmingham, AL.

Power Point

Event Power Point Slides

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